OQO is said to be launching a new OQO Ulta Mobile PC (UMPC) - the new Model 2+ will include a new processor, world-wide 3G and a touchscreen OLED display.

OQO Model 02+ pictureOQO Model 02+

The external 'case' is said to be the same. The 'old' model 2 specs were a 5" WVGA LCD display, with 800x480 resolution - which makes you wonder because there are currently no such OLED panels available. 

Via Gizmodo

UPDATE - the OQO Model 2+ is officially released, and indeed has a 5" OLED!


OLED doubts

Hi Ron,
Thanks for the comment on JimOnLight.com - I enjoy reading your site! I'm not counting out OLEDs yet in terms of their progress - with some of the new substrate technologies that are constantly being unleashed, I'm gonna be hopeful!
Nice site!
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