There's an interesting article over at JapanTimes, covering the Lighting Japan 2014 event that took place last month. They also posted a nice video from the conference, showing several OLED installations from NEC Lighting, Philips, PIOL and others. There are also some flexbile (formable) OLEDs on display, I'm not sure if these are from LG Chem or Konica Minolta (the only two companies that actually produces flexible OLED lighting prototypes).

NEC Lighting is developing OLED lighting for a long time (over 10 years), and during the video you can see demonstrations of the company's OLED panels, including transparent ones (these were unveiled in 2013).

NEC Lighting SSL development chief says that NEC believes that OLED lighting technology is nearly ready for practical use. Consumers will start seeing OLED lighting in public places and stores in 2015, but it will take a few more years before the prices become reasonable.

NEC believes that OLED is a "friendly" technology - both the for the environment and for us humans as the light is soft and comfortable to look at.

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