Back in June, we heard some rumors about an upcoming Nokia N9 phone with a Super-AMOLED display. Today we have some fresh rumors, and a photo. The N9 will be a QWERTY slider running the MeeGo OS. The display is indeed a 4" Super-AMOLED. Other specs include a 1Ghz processor, 64Gb of memory (512Mb RAM), micro-SD slot, Wi-Fi, HSPA+ an an HDMI out (the N9 is capable of 720p video).

So it's not confirmed yet, and we'd be somewhat surprised to see a Nokia phone with a Super-AMOLED (what with all the supply issues and the fact that Samsung Electronics is said to get all Super-AMOLED displays exclusively for the next 16 months or so). But we can sure hope that Nokia is working on such a good-speced phone...

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