Earlier today we posted that according to a Chinese TV commercial, LG is set to release their OLED TV in April. One of our readers (thanks Chewi!) sent us a link to a Russian site that claims that LG plans to launch the 55" TV in Russia in March 2013. The price? 499,990 Rubles, or about $16,500 (considerably more expensive then earlier estimates of $10,000). The site says that LG's store in Moscow already accepts pre-orders (hopefully one of our Russian readers can confirm this?).

So all those reports are not official, but hopefully LG indeed plans to finally release the TV in Q1 2013. They already announced that they will show an updated model at CES in January 2013, and the OLED TV already passed FCC inspection, towards a US release.



$16,500 is cheap for a billionaire.

Wow!  That is the first I have heard of an actual date posted for the OLED TV promised in 2012, but of all the strange places to start selling; Russia?!  If this is an actual commercial then I wouldn’t be surprised if some eccentric billionaires will be placing orders for shipment to the US.  Do you think the price will come down by the time it gets to the US and Europe?  I hear they will have one at CES too.  I’m anxious to get to CES this year since I missed it last year because I had to help prepare the launch of the DISH Hopper and Joey Whole-Home HD DVR.  It was a pretty big deal for us last year and paved the way for more consumer choice when they watch TV since it can skip commercials while you watch TV.  The Auto Hop is a coveted item in our home because when we watch the PrimeTime Anytime programs that record from the four major networks each night, we save enough time by watching commercial free that we can watch another show that night.  We all love to spend time together watching TV so that just means more quality time for us.

If I remember correctly, the

If I remember correctly, the Moscow area has the largest density of millionaires of any major city worldwide. So I wouldn't call Russia a strange place to start this....IF this is true.

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