Eastman Kodak today announced the introduction of a highly efficient OLED material that will enable low-power, full-color displays with outstanding lifetimes. The new material, trademarked KODAK OLED Material EK-GD403, utilizes green dopant technology to deliver a new level of OLED display performance and reliability.
Green dopants are materials that control color output and boost efficiency.
"Kodak has continued to make greater than 50 percent year-over-year improvements in OLED luminance efficiencies over the past few years, and we will continue to fill the pipeline with new innovation to ensure that Kodak OLED materials are ready for use in emerging large-market applications," said Corey Hewitt, Operations Manager and Vice President, Kodak OLED Systems (we had an interview with Corey a few months ago).
KODAK OLED Material EK-GD403, used in combination with Kodak OLED Material EK-BH109, provides low-voltage green OLEDs with luminous efficiencies greater than 31 cd/A and lifetimes in excess of 65,000 hours (from an initial luminance of 1,000 cd/m(2) and results in an external quantum efficiency of 8.7%.
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