We are happy to announce that we added two new flexible smartphone AMOLED displays to the OLED marketplace. These new OLEDs ,produced by BOE, are now available globally through our supplier partners in China.

The first display is a 5.1-inch 720x1520 OLED and the second display is larger at 6.42-inch 1080x2340. Both displays are flexible (curvable) and offer an integrated touch panel.

We now offer three flexible BOE displays (5.1", 5.99" and 6.42") at the OLED marketplace, in addition to dozens other PMOLEDs, rigid AMOLEDs, Microdisplays and other OLED types. Check out more information over at the OLED Marketplace, or contact us now, as we can also offer other flexible OLEDs from BOE and other makers on a project basis.

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