Cadillac has unveiled their latest concept car, the XTS Platinum concept, a replacement for the STS/DTC. The hybrid car uses an AWD powertrain, backup up by a 3.6L V-6 engine and an electric motor. The car can move under the electric power only.

The Cadillac XTS uses OLEDs in place of both the gauges and the center stack controls and infotainment system. Rear seat passengers also get a pair of slim LED screens that rise out of the front seat backs.



OLED is really coming in

OLED is really coming in strong. It's being adopted very quickly.

OLED is NOT being adopted

OLED is NOT being adopted very quickly. It's being adopted extremely slowly. After 20 years of development and 10 years of commercial exploitation, OLED has less than 1% share of the display market. That's a failure.

when we look at 20 years, it

when we look at 20 years, it is indeed extremly slow. But at least for small displays, it seems that OLEDs are being adopted quickly into mobile phones and other devices...

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