Some people like their TVs flat, and some like them curved. A curved TV has several image quality advantages, but they look less nice mounted on your wall. A bendable TV offers the best of both worlds - you can hang it flat on the wall, and curve it when you want. Don't miss our new article on bendable OLED TVs - which according to LG will arrive on the market next year.



21:9 oled

Is that a 21:9 OLED i see in that picture? A 5120x2160 res OLED?

Because that is precisely what we need!

Then we just need to have freesync/gsync implemented in it and have it higher than 60hz and we have the best in slot gaming panel!

The 77" OLED TV in the photo

The 77" OLED TV in the photo is a 4K (UHD) panel.


What a shame...  

Im sure you can see why i thought its 21:9....  look at the way its shot

Yet, this angle makes it look

Yet, this angle makes it look like a very wide format ;-)

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