New Apple patent describes a transparent OLED on solid background, new OLED iPhone rumors emerge

Apple filed a new patent describing a new display system which incorporates a transparent OLED on a solid white background. The idea is to conserve battery use - and when there's a need to display a white pixel, you simply switch the OLED pixel off, which then shows the white background beneath. The system also includes a switchable layer between the OLED and the white background. This layer can be either transparent or black - which will allow to see black pixels (which is not possible in normal transparent OLEDs).

Apple has filed several OLED patents in the past years. In July the company filed a patent for a 3D multiple transparent OLED displays device, and in February the company filed three different OLED patents, the main one being an OLED with an integrated touch sensor.

And any post about Apple wouldn't be complete without a new Apple OLED rumor. There are new reports that Apple is looking to make the next-generation iPhone much more shatter proof, and use metal or a thermoplastic carbon fiber material as the back panel of the display - which will be an AMOLED one, finally. The size will be bumped to around 4", but the resolution will be the same as in the current 3.5" Retina display (960×640). According to the reports the iPad 3 will also use the same technology, and get a 2,048x1,536 shatterproof OLED...

Posted: Nov 04,2011 by Ron Mertens