Last month we reported about Samsung's new 4" active-matrix QLED display prototype, and now we hear that NanoPhotonica has developed new QLED technology (which they call S-QLED because it's solution-processable). Compared to current available OLED displays, S-QLED use fewer layers, is solution-processable (and can be produced using inkjet printing) and uses inorganic materials. In fact NanoPhotonica claims that S-QLED displays will be 75% cheaper than current OLEDs, be more efficient (by 30%) and will have double the lifetime.

NanoPhotonica is currently working with several display manufacturers to commercialize the displays. The company hopes to bring this to market "soon".

You can find more info over at NanoPhotonica.



Please be self
Please be self luminous. Please have fast response time. Please have decent colour gamut. I don't wanna be stuck with bad display tech again just because it's cheap >.< FoxSpirit