Nanomarkets released a new white paper in which they discuss whether there's a real market for novel encapsulation technologies (focusing on OLED and PV applications). While the total encapsulation market for these two applications is large (around $500 million in 2013, growing to $2 billion by 2019), most of it will be rigid glass.

Novel encapsulation market forecast 2013-2019

In fact in 2015 only 21.3% of the market will use novel encapsulation, and this only grow to 26.9% by 2019. In terms of revenue, the novel encapsulation market for OLED sand PVs will grow from about $50 million in 2013 to just over $500 million in 2019, and most of it will be for PV applications, OLEDs will only reach about $100 by 2019.

Just a few weeks ago Nanomarkets Nanomarkets published an executive summary of their Markets for OLED Encapsulation Materials 2012 – 2019 report. In this paper they say that most of the OLED encapsulation market growth will come from large area panels (for OLED TVs and lighting) and flexible displays, and the most popular technology will remain rigid glass in the foreseeable future.

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