Nanomarkets released a new report that covers the opportunity for OLED lighting in the automotive sector (OLED Automotive Lighting - 2014). Nanomarkets forecasts that this market will be significant for OLED lighting makers, and in 2019 almost a million OLED panels will ship for automobiles (over 150,000 luminaires).

BMW Vision Future Luxury

In terms of panel revenue, the market will remain very small - a few million dollars in the next couple of years, $9 million by 2017 and about $68 million in 2021. Luminaries revenue will be higher of course: $20 million by 2017 and $135 million by 2021.

In past months we've seen a lot of interest in the OLED Automotive market, for both OLED displays and lighting. OSRAM recently released the first OLED lighting product for this market (an after-market limited edition one, though), LG Chem announced a deal to supply flexible OLED displays for German auto car makers, Philips sees OLED lighting rearlights in commercial automobiles in 2016 and BMW that the future lighting technology for their automobiles will be OLED.

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