Nanomarkets released a new OLED lighting market report (OLED Lighting Market Forecast Q2 2012), in which they forecast that OLED lighting panel prices will drop sharply in the next two years as mass production will start. This will have a negative effect on revenue in the near future but will improve when OLED lighting will become mainstream in residential and lighting markets. Nanomarkets expects that the total market for OLED lighting luminaires will reach approximately $6.3 billion in 2017.

Nanomarkets believes that OLED lighting has the potential to seriously compete with the standard fluorescent lighting panels widely used in offices through improved energy efficiency, lower costs and improved aesthetics. In fact the commercial and industrial buildings applications will amount to over 75% of the revenues in 2017. Niche markets (which will account for more then 90% of OLED sales in 2012) will only amount to 1% of total OLED lighting revenues.

In this new report Nanomarkets has lowered its penetration forecasts for OLED lighting compared to the forecasts it published in 2011 due to weaker than expected economic growth.

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