NanoMarkets releases new OLED Lighting report, forecasts $6 billion in revenue by 2015

NanoMarkets released a new report (OLED Lighting, An Eight-Year Market Forecast (2010) in which they say that OLED lighting will generate $6 billion in revenue by 2015. OLED lighting will grow quickly because of the need for cost efficient lighting in a number of different applications, including general illumination, architectural lighting, backlighting, vehicular lighting and signage.

Novaled transparent OLED lighting panel

Most firms today focus on general illumination and/or architectural lighting sectors. These two markets will generate around $4 billion in 2015. Vehicular lighting is expected to bring over $750 million.

Nanomarkets say that if OLED will provide an alternative backlighting technology for LCDs, these alone could generate further $1.4 billion by 2015.

More information about the report here

Posted: Aug 06,2010 by Ron Mertens