Back in October 2012 Nanomarkets released a new report (Markets for OLED Encapsulation Materials 2012 – 2019), and now they published an executive summary of this report which is well worth a read. Nanomarkets forecasts that OLED encapsulation will grow from $20 million in 2013 to over $850 by 2019. Most of the growth will come from large area panels (for OLED TVs and lighting) and flexible displays, and the most popular technology will remain rigid glass in the foreseeable future.

Nanomarkets also discusses the challenge of pricing and investments in encapsulation companies, the main one being that the market for non-traditional (i.e. other than rigid-glass) encapsulation material will remain small (not exceeding $100 million until at least 2017).

Nanomarket's summary also details the encapsulation efforts of 3M, Tera-Barrier Films, Beneq, Universal Display, Samsung and others. You can download the executive summary below.