Nanomarkets logoNanomarkets released a new report (OLED Lighting Markets Asia - 2011) in which they predict that the market opportunities in Asia for OLED lighting will generate $2.1 billion by 2016.

Key findings from the report:

  • Japan will dominate the OLED lighting business through 2014 despite lingering issues from the earthquake and tsunami. LEDs were quick to be adopted in Japan, and they will do the same with OLEDs. Meanwhile, Japanese firms are taking up key positions in every part of the worldwide OLED lighting supply chain from design and manufacture through to wholesale distribution. Sales of OLED lighting in Japan are expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2016.
  • The OLED lighting market in China is limited - and will reach $420 million by 2016.
  • OLED lighting in Korea is still in its infancy, and sales will reach only $230 million by 2016. But Samsung and LG have great influence in this market. Nanomarkets thinks that Samsung has a great potential in this market.

NanoMarkets will soon release additional reports during April and May that will address the market for OLED lighting in Europe, a forecast of global manufacturing for OLED lighting, and an update of the firm's global market forecast for OLED lighting.

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