Nanomarkets posted a very interesting article about the OLED lighting industry - trying to answer whether it's realistic to expect commercialization by 2015.

Here are some of the main points they raise in the article:

  • OLED lighting will not be commercially available before 2015.
  • Nanomarkets assumes that the large lighting makers (such as GE, OSRAM, Philips) are investing in OLEDs because they believe that they will enter the general lighting market and will not remain a premium niche
  • No plans for mass-production plants yet from anyone
  • Nanomarket sees many small companies to emerge that will employ the fabless model - they will design panels but other companies (OLED lighting foundries) will produce them
  • Low cost manufacturing technology isn't ready yet
  • Lack of production capacity can be a major hurdle to the expansion of the OLED Lighting industry
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