We heard speculation about Motorola's upcoming "X" phone for a while now. Today Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that the company is developing a new flagship phone that will be called "Moto X". The Moto X will sport an OLED display and advanced sensors. Motorola wants to launch it in October 2013, and this will be the first phone designed after Google bough Motorola.

One of the key features of this new phone will be the low power consumption. It will include two processors, and I assume that it will use a Super AMOLED Advanced display - which use red and reen phosphorescent emitters to cut the power consumption by 25% compared to normal Super AMOLED displays (except for the one used in the GS4). Motorola already uses these panels (or regular Super AMOLED ones) in several of their mobile phones, including the relatively new RAZR i, RAZR HD and RAZR M.

Motorola plans to produce this phone in Texas - in a factory currently used to asemble Nokia phones. The OLED screens (made by SDC) will obviously come from Korea.

It was speculated that the Moto X will sport an unbreakable flexible OLED display, but I don't think this is likely. First of all I assume that Samsung and LG will be the first companies to launch products based on their own flexible OLEDs. Second, an October release will be too early it seems for flexible OLEDs in any meaningful volumes. It's likely that the first devices to use flexible OLEDs will be premium devices sold at relatively low volumes.

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