Motorola announced the Razr 2019, a clamshell-style smartphone that features a 6.2" 2142x876 (21:9) foldable AMOLED display that folds inside. There's also a regular external 2.7" 600x800 AMOLED used when the phone is closed.

Motorola Razr 2019 photo

This seems, at least to me, to be a beautiful design which may appeal to more consumers compared to the larger foldable phones we have seen until today that open up to a tablet-style device. The Razr is also the cheapest foldable OLED phone yet announced at $1,500 (it will ship in January 2020).

The foldable AMOLED is likely to be produced by LGD, as Motorola calls this a pOLED display which is an LG brand. The secondary display is called gOLED which likely means it is produced by Samsung Display.



Can LGD already produce

Can LGD already produce foldable OLED?

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Interesting. If so, why did

Interesting. If so, why did Motorola use LGD's brand pOLEDs? I hope we will learn the real source soon.

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