Motorola announces the Razr 2019 clamshell foldable LGD AMOLED phone

Motorola announced the Razr 2019, a clamshell-style smartphone that features a 6.2" 2142x876 (21:9) foldable AMOLED display that folds inside. There's also a regular external 2.7" 600x800 AMOLED used when the phone is closed.

This seems, at least to me, to be a beautiful design which may appeal to more consumers compared to the larger foldable phones we have seen until today that open up to a tablet-style device. The Razr is also the cheapest foldable OLED phone yet announced at $1,500 (it will ship in January 2020).

The foldable AMOLED is likely to be produced by LGD, as Motorola calls this a pOLED display which is an LG brand. The secondary display is called gOLED which likely means it is produced by Samsung Display.

Posted: Nov 16,2019 by Ron Mertens


Can LGD already produce foldable OLED?

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Interesting. If so, why did Motorola use LGD's brand pOLEDs? I hope we will learn the real source soon.