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The IDTechEx Show! features over 250 exhibitors and 3,500 attendees. They will see the latest innovations in the fields of wearable technology, printed & flexible electronics, sensors, 3D printing, IoT, electric vehicles, energy storage and energy harvesting. Co-locating these topics at one event brings together emerging technology companies with their customers, leveraging the large overlap between these topics.

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The big brand speaker line-up, comprising of over 225 speakers from around the world, includes organizations such as Porsche, Panasonic, Intel, Samsung, ARM, JCDecaux, Fiat, Kodak, Osram, UTRC, HTC, Avery Denison, Texas Instruments and many more. They will present on their needs and latest technology breakthroughs. Session tracks include structural electronics, 3D printed electronics, energy storage innovations, IoT applications, wearable technology in healthcare, e-textiles, connected vehicles, flexible displays and much more.

The event assesses the full value chains for these technologies, from materials to electronics manufacturing innovations to new electronic and electrical devices to the real-life problems they are solving. The event starts with the business opportunities first - adopters in each sector will discuss their needs and experiences so that the audience can see what is of value and what is not.

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From electric vehicles to companies exhibiting the latest material advancements, the full supply chain is represented in the exhibition.

The event has a hands-on theme with zones in the exhibition arena varying from Apparel Zone - showcasing apparel items featuring wearable technology - to IDTechEx Launchpad - featuring live demonstrations of innovative and emerging products from early stage companies - to the latest devices shown by exhibitors from skin patches to flexible displays to innovative new electric vehicles incorporating these technologies.

The event is led by IDTechEx Research analysts and therefore covers the hottest sectors that you need to be aware of, with analyst presentations covering the market, trends and opportunities.

Feedback from previous attendees includes:

A must attend event for anyone with even a slight interest in printed electronics - absolutely the most comprehensive industry representation of any printed electronics conference

— GSI Technologies

It is refreshing to note this conference continues to grow in both the number of attendees, and its relevance to the emerging printed and flexible electronics industry innovations." Therefore we find the annual Printed Electronics USA Conference offers us ideal timing for the announcement and promotion of our new product introductions, because we know key decision makers will be attending the event.

— DuPont Teijin Films

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