More info and a photo of the TOPLESS project OLED lamp

TOPLESS project OLED lamp prototypeYesterday we reported that the TOPLESS project is showing an OLED lamp, we now have more info and a photo (to the right, click to enlarge - it is shown next to Joseph Swan's original incandescent light bulb design from 130 years ago).

The lamp is just a prototype (the cost to make them are very high currently). They used battery to power these - as they use only 4-5v to power. The efficiency is about 17Lm/W (as there is no out-coupling. With out-coupling the efficiency is over 30Lm/W), each panel operating at 3W. The panels are just 0.7mm thick, made by Sumation with TOPLESS materials (here's a link to a couple of photos of the panels).

If you want more info on TOPLESS, check out our interview with Dr. Geoff Williams, the project's manager.

Posted: Dec 02,2008 by Ron Mertens