has posted a preview of the new Samsung Wave with the Super-AMOLED. And they absolutely love the display. It's great under sunlight, it is bright with unbelievable colors, it's got better lifetime (Samsung say that this is because there are less 'layers of air'). And the touch is very responsive - even better than the iPhone's display. 

They continue to say that the screen is marvelous, extremely bright and crisp. It is the best they have seen in any portable device: "After the S8500, the displays found in the Nexus and other phones seem bleak and lifeless". They posted a few of photos showing the Wave next to a Nexus One and to a Nokia X6. The difference is showing, alright, click on the photos to see it better (the Wave Super-AMOLED is on the top on both photos):

Samsung Wave vs Google's Nexus one photo Samsung Wave vs Nokia X6 photo
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