Mitsubishi Electric is showing a new flexible OLED display (they call it the Diamond-Vision OLED) which is a modular display made from small OLED panels. Each panel is one 'pixel', and together they can be made into a large high-res image. There's no limit to the size of this display - it can be used to cover buildings, trains, or even 'entire-cities' like Mitsubishi says...

Mitsubishi 155-inch Diamond-Vision OLED TVMitsubishi 155-inch Diamond-Vision OLED TV

They are now demonstrating a 155" Diamond-Vision OLED TV prototype. Each pixel pitch is 3mm, which means that you have to watch the TV from about 2 meters away. 

Mitsubishi thinks that this screen is better than large LED displays used in sports stadiums and other places, because of the better resolution that can be achieved. The lifetime is said to be 20,000 hours. No word yet on pricing or availability.

Note - the OLEDs themselves are not 'flexible', but the display can be curved because it is made from individual OLED panels...

Mitsubishi entered the OLED market back in 2007.

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