Mitsubishi developed an OLED panel that can connect to regular E26 sockets

Mitsubishi Electric demonstrated a new OLED lamp that supports the regular E26 ("medium") incandescent socket. This is not the best design for an OLED of course, but Mitsubishi says that one day such a design may be used to replace regular incandescent, CFL or LED lamps.

The OLED is 16x16 cm in size (8 mm thick). Mitsubishi did not reveal any specification on the panel - only that the OLED itself wasn't actually produced by Mitsubishi Electric. The lamp can be rotated independently from the base - so you can change the angle (or rotation) after you screwed the lamp in (this is because the OLED isn't round like normal incandescent or CFL lamps).

Posted: Mar 05,2014 by Ron Mertens