US-based signage solution provider STRATACACHE is building a MicroLED production line in the US. This is an interesting development in the display industry, which has been almost exclusively centered in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. MicroLED displays can be produced using some unique architectures and processes that enable production to be done in places where TFT-based production (of either LCD or OLED displays) has severe challenges.

The new factory will be used to produce a wide range of MicroLED displays, from tablet-sized panels to large-area signage displays, and will be able to produce both flexible and transparent panels. The yearly capacity of the E4 is expected to start at a 1 million square meters per year, and STRATACACHE will be able to supply both components level products and complete display products to third party customers (although it seems as if most production will be used for STRATACACHE's own projects).

STRATACACHE is looking for domestic and global technology partners and suppliers for the new fab, which will be placed in Eugene, Oregen - in a former Hynix Semiconductor memory chip factory acquired last year. For more information, click here.

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