A few weeks ago we reported about Merck's new Taiwanese technology development center that is focused on OLEDs (but will also work on flexible displays, LED lighting and 3D displays). Merck held an official inauguration ceremony and they revealed some interesting details.

We already know that Merck OLED materials are "used commercially in many products on the market". But during the ceremony the company revealed that LG's 55" OLED TV, now on sale in Korea for $10,000, is using the company's materials.

Merck also says that they are already collaborating with Taiwanese panel makers (probably AU Optronics and Innolux) on developing ink-jet printing of OLED TV panels. Merck is providing the local companies with soluble OLED materials. Merck believes that ink-jet printing will greatly reduce OLED panel production costs.



Yeah, I think this is true :)

Yeah, I think this is true :)

which materials?

Host?  I would not be surprised.

Emitters?  That's the question.

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