Merck announced it has began to construct a new €30 Million ($34 million) OLED production plant in Darmstadt, Germany. This plant will produce high-purity OLED materials for display and lighting systems. Production will begin in the 2,000 square-meter building in July 2016.

Merck hopes that the new plant will help it become a leading supplier of OLED materials by 2018, as the company believes that OLED will take a significant share of the display market, and Merck plans to become a total solution provider and not just a material maker. The company is developing soluble OLED materials in collaboration with Seiko Epson.

Merck has recently inaugurated an OLED application center in Korea, where it will introduce advanced processes such as inkjet printing. The same site also hosts Merck's Chemical Application Centre established in 2011. Merck also operates a technology development center in Taiwan - which also focuses on OLEDs.

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