Mercedes announced that its upcoming EQS electric vehicle will adopt a large curved front display, 56-inch in size, called the MBUX Hyperscreen.

Mercedes 56'' MBUX Hyperscreen photo

This is a flexible OLED display, that will stretch over the entire width of the car. Note that the OLED itself is not 56-inch in size, this display embeds what seems to be 3 different OLED displays. The 56-inch glass also includes holes for the air-vents which are integrated into the display. The whole system is powered by 8 CPU cores, 24 GB of RAM and AI software that learns your habits.

Mercedes did not yet unveil the EQS or detail its pricing and availability, but it should be announced later in 2021.

Mercedes is likely to be using LG Display's OLEDs, as the two companies have been working together since around 2016.

Last year Cadillac launched the 2021 Escalade, which also uses a wide 38-inch display, made from several LGD P-OLED displays (there are three different displays - a 7" display, an 14" one and a 16.9" display).

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