Nanomarkets logoAccording to a new report from NanoMarkets the market for OLEDs used in displays and lighting applications is expected to reach $10.9 billion ($US) by 2012 and grow to $15.5 billion by the year 2014. Details about the firm’s newest report are available at the firm's website located at

Key findings from the report include:

Mobility: OLED displays are particularly well suited to the needs of mobile communications and computing because of their low power consumption and ability to support mobile video. NanoMarkets expects OLED-based displays for mobile phones and other handheld devices to reach $7.2 billion in revenues by 2014.

OLEDs can fix the display industry: The advantages of OLEDs; energy efficiency, high brightness, rapid video switching capability, low weight and suitability for use on flexible substrates will trigger a major replacement cycle in the display industry, which is currently entering a period of slow growth as the LCD computer and television display markets matures and economies of scale decline.

Flexibility: OLED displays are expected to capitalize on emerging flexible substrate technology to create new high-value products. Roll-up displays that can be plugged into cell phones will increase phone display sizes by an order of magnitude and make mobile phones and PDAs more suitable as information access and video devices. Flexible displays will also have an important role in mobile computing as laptops and notebooks need to be light and slim and detachable screens would enable those characteristics. Signage used in POS displays and kiosks are another important application to watch.

OLED lighting: OLEDs are now offering more than adequate lifetimes, brightness and spectrum ranges and are beginning to find opportunities in the lighting business. Lighting applications that are likely to emerge for OLEDs will include backlighting for LCD displays and consumer electronics, aviation lighting, and mood lighting in restaurants and public buildings. NanoMarkets expects the market for OLED based lighting to exceed $1.0 billion by 2014.