iSuppli Corp. forecasts mobile handset displays will reach 1.2 billion unit shipments in 2006, up 17 percent from 1.05 billion in 2005. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) main displays will represent a mere 1 percent of the main display market this year. By 2010, this mix will change, with TFT-LCDs representing 87 percent of the market, monochrome and color STN-LCDs comprising only 4 percent of shipments and 9 percent of the market being served by OLED main displays.

While TFT-LCDs will thrive in the mobile handset display market in the coming years, overall mobile OLED panel shipments will slowly climb to reach 47 million units shipped in 2006, up from 32 million units in 2005. The largest growth area for mobile-phone OLEDs will be in the main display market, where iSuppli forecasts shipments will grow to 160 million units by 2012, up from a mere 13.7 million units in 2006.

As AMOLED manufacturing becomes established, it will account for more than 20 percent of the OLED display units shipped by 2009 and about 40 percent of OLED display units shipped by 2012.

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