Nanomarkets logoNanoMarket's upcoming OLED Lighting Markets-2008 will analyze and forecast the rapidly emerging market for OLED lighting and will answer important questions such as which segments of the lighting market will see the first penetration of OLED lighting and when and what are the likely improvements that we will see in lifetimes, luminance and efficiency over the coming years. The report will provide a thorough examination of the OLED lighting business and include an analysis of the latest manufacturing techniques and developments on the OLED materials front as well as a detailed applications market analysis of mobile electronics backlighting the vast general illumination market and large outdoor signage displays. It will also include profiles of the major firms developing OLED lighting and the leading government funded R&D projects around the world that are helping to drive OLED lighting into the market place. Detailed forecasts in volume and value terms will also be included.

Released in July 2007, Emerging Markets for OLED and Printed Lighting provided a complete analysis of the commercial opportunities for electroluminescent, nanotube and OLED lighting used for backlighting, general illumination, specialty/architectural lighting, vehicular lighting, signage and niche applications. The report included detailed eight-year (volume and value) market forecasts as well as strategic profiles of all the leading firms developing and marketing this emerging technology, as well as the activities of government funded projects in the U.S. and Europe.

Merck - Advancing Display, Advancing LifeMerck - Advancing Display, Advancing Life