With the release of the highly anticipated AMOLED displays, this segment continues to develop, experiencing unit shipment growth of 4% Q/Q and 24% Y/Y—hitting the 19.8 million mark in Q2'07. On a revenue basis, OLEDs hit US$123.4M in Q2'07, down only 1% Q/Q and up 13% Y/Y, even as ASPs fell 9% Q/Q. Over the last year, main display shipments were up 16%, sub-displays up 77%, car audio displays up 35% and industrial displays up 295%.

DisplaySearch revealed these Q2'07 OLED results in its Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report. The report's findings also show that active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays are beginning to impact the market, as Samsung SDI moves into full production, and Chi Mei and LG begin to ship qualification units. Furthermore, Sony is expected to begin shipping their highly anticipated 11" AMOLED TV display in Q4'07.

The top five OLED manufacturers shown in Table 1 accounted for a combined market share of 85.4%. For the first time in several quarters, there were two new entrants in the PMOLED market, Visionox and Truly, which are both located in China. Next quarter, MED is expected to begin production of microdisplays and will be the first OLED competitor for eMagin.

Volume shipments of AMOLED displays continued in Q2'07, with Samsung SDI, Kodak and eMagin shipping a combined total of 1,445K displays for applications such as MP3s, mobile phones and near-eye panels. Overall, Pioneer led in units shipped with 5.1 million, closely followed by RiTdisplay at 4.8 million, Samsung SDI at 3.7 million, LGE at 3.1 million and TDK at 1.3 million units. Also of note, LGE will not ship any passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays in Q3'07, as the company is converting to AMOLED production.

Sub-displays and MP3 player displays continue to account for about 88% of OLED shipments at 14.1M and 3.5M, respectively. Of the remaining applications, main displays and industrial applications showed strong growth.

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