DisplaySearch and cintelliq have announced a distribution agreement whereby cintelliq will produce and DisplaySearch will market and distribute the Quarterly Organic Semiconductor Patent Analyst Report (OSPA).
The Quarterly Organic Semiconductor Patent Analyst Report is a 200+ page quarterly report that provides an overview of patents related to organic semiconductor technologies that were published or granted by the European, Japanese, US or World patent offices in the previous quarter. Each issue analyses about 1200 patents, covering areas such as LEDs, substrates, photovoltaics, transistors, memory cells, encapsulation, materials, patterning, deposition, lasers, sensors, and fabrication.
The report classifies patents to identify areas of greatest activity, as well as highlighting interesting trends in research and patenting. The report also analyses the patents by assignee, tracking the major players in the industry and spotting new entrants to the field. Patents issued to academic organizations are monitored, as are patents issued to the major OLED licensors, Kodak and CDT, and their licensees.

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