This report provides three unique viewpoints into the active matrix small/medium display industry:
  • 24 suppliers are profiled by their display products and technology (LCD and OLED).
  • 9 applications are covered ranging in size from 1.3" sub-displays to 10" automotive monitors.
  • New materials and new technology being developed for these panels.

Small/Medium displays are undergoing rapid change as active matrix suppliers are attempting to differentiate their products to achieve higher margins. The report describes which suppliers are targeting:

  • Thinner form factors using etch/polished glass and new polarizers
  • Wide viewing angles applying MVA or IPS to small/medium displays for the first time
  • Increasing contrast levels and luminance to support the requirements of mobile TV and portable navigation
  • Integrated touch screens to lower the thickness and cost
  • Lower cost LED backlights supporting higher color saturation levels and cleaner environmental solutions
  • Industrial applications with wide viewing angles and LED backlights
  • Using additive technology such as PenTile to increase resolution and reduce power consumption

An entire section is devoted to the emerging AMOLED suppliers and the technology that each is using. The report shows where a-Si and LTPS backplane technologies are being practiced and what products Samsung SDI, LG.Philips LCD, Sony, TPO, CMO, Epson Imaging, TMDisplay and Chi Mei are targeting.

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