Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, gave a short keynote speech last week about Virtual Reality. Mark talks about the collaboration between Oculus (owned by Facebook) and Samsung, and specifically mentions the OLED displays - which are the only displays that can deliver a good comfortable VR experience.

Here's Mark exact quote, you can find it at about 3:45 in the full-keynote video above: "Samsung is the only company that can deliver, at scale, the low-persistence OLED screens to give a good, comfortable VR experience ,and that’s because these OLED screens are the only screens that can update faster than your eye. No other screen and display or company can deliver this experience.".

This is a great endorsement for OLEDs, but it's not really surprising. We've seen most VR headset makers (including Oculus, HTC, Sony and others) adopt low-persistence OLED displays over LCDs.

The VR headset market is expected to grow very quickly in coming years, and may provide a large market for OLED displays.

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