Manz AG reported that the company received its first large order from a Chinese customer for wet-chemical processing equipment to produce OLED displays . This €9 million order (almost $12 million usd) follows several small purchases.

Manz wet-chemical processing equipment photo

Manz's wet-chemical tools aren't used specifically for soluble OLEDs. These do not handle the organic layers, but are rather used for processes such as etching, stripping, and cleaning within the scope of display manufacturing. Their product range also includes wet chemical processing equipment for glass substrate recycling (the complete removal of all layers so the substrate can be recycled back into the production process).

Manz wouldn't reveal the Chinese customer. There are several Chinese display makers working on OLED fabs. This could be Visionox - we just now published the fact that the company started the construction of a new 5.5-Gen AMOLED fab. It could also be BOE, but it seems that their AMOLED fab convertion hasn't begun yet. It could also be Irico, Tianma, Shanwei Truly, Sichuan CCO, CSOT or others.

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