Vitex Systems Receives First Order for Its Second-Generation Guardian(TM) Thin-Film Encapsulation System

Vitex Systems today announced that its equipment licensee, Advanced Neotech Systems (ANS) in Korea, has secured the order for the first Generation 2 (370mm x 470mm) Guardian thin-film encapsulation system.

"This order win not only serves as another milestone for ANS, but also for the thin-film encapsulation market overall, indicating heightened technology adoption for the manufacture of OLED displays and organic optoelectronics," said BK Chun, general manager of sales, ANS. "The growing momentum we have seen over the past year has been exciting. In addition to our first Generation 2 thin-film encapsulation tool order we have just secured, we also received three additional purchase orders for thin-film encapsulation systems during the fourth quarter of 2007. The potential for Vitex's thin-film encapsulation technology is vast, and we are committed to servicing this emerging market opportunity. In fact, with the increased number of discussions we have been engaging in, we are looking to expand our engineering team to continue to effectively meet demand."

Commenting on its recent successes, Chyi-Shan Suen, director of sales and marketing for Vitex, said, "We are delighted to see that the thin-film encapsulation market is gaining traction. This is our first, Gen. 2 Guardian system to be delivered to a customer, demonstrating the movement of thin-film encapsulation technology from the labs to the production floors -- a truly significant step for the industry. In addition, we have seen an increased volume of inquiries for an encapsulation system to address applications larger than Gen. 2, signifying the technology's shift to mass production. We also have a customer who has placed a purchase order for an additional tool to increase their capability and capacity. All of these factors, including the mounting adoption we have seen, give evidence to the rise in customer confidence for our technology."

Posted: Mar 19,2008 by Ron Mertens