Lumtec launches new HIL, ETL and EIL OLED stack materials

This is a sponsored post by Lumtec

Lumtec, a leading OLED materials manufacturer, announced newly developed Hole Insertion layer (HIL), Electron Transport Layer (ETL) and Electron Insertion Layer (EIL) OLED materials. Lumtec says that its patented new materials offer high efficiency and can be used in both OLED displays and lighting panels.

Lumtec has been developing OLED materials for over 20 years, and aims to provide cost-competitive and high performance pure OLED materials. The company also helps its customers with custom synthesis of OLED materials.

Lumtec is calling out to companies and researchers in the OLED industry as it aims to find partners for new research activities. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, these collaborations could be crucial for success in the industry.

Besides OLED materials, the company also produces OLED lighting panels, mainly for the automotive industry. The company is expanding its production capacity to 600,000 50x35 mm units per year. Lumtec says it sees large demand coming from the OLED lighting market, and expects to run its production lines at 100% utilization rate. The company has shipped samples to several automakers and expects to receive volume orders in 2020.

Posted: Jul 21,2020 by Ron Mertens