Lumiotec, located at Yonezawa City, Japan, was formed in May 2008 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ROHM, Toppan Printing and Mitsui to check the viability of OLED panels for lighting, and to manufacture and sell the panels.

In March 2009 Lumiotec showed their first OLED lighting prototype, and the company is now offering panels online - making about 60,000 panels a year. Here's our hands-on review with their Version 1 development kit and square OLED panel and here is some details on Lumitec's technology.

In early 2018 V-Technology announced it is set to acquire Lumiotec.

Company Address: 
4149-8 Hachimanpara 5-chome

The latest Lumiotec news:

Lumiotec's OLED Lighting development kits are shipping now in Japan

A few weeks ago we reported that Lumiotec will start selling OLED Lighting panel dev kits, and today they have indeed opened their online store. The store only accepts Japanese orders currently. 

The development kits (pictured above) include one 145mm x 145mm OLED panel, a controller and an AC adapter. They cost ¥84,000 each (about $930) a little higher than what they said a couple of weeks ago.

The panel is 4.1mm thick (the thickest part is 4.8mm). The light emitting area is 125mm x 125mm. It weights 195g, the average color rendering index is Ra80, and the maximum brightness is  4,000 cd / m2. The lifetime is quoted at 30,000 hours (at 1,000 cd / m2 brightness level)

More information on Lumiotec's OLED panel samples that will start to ship in 2 weeks

A couple of days ago we reported the Lumiotec plans to start shipping sample OLED Lighting panels next month. Now we have some more information, and a photo, too. The sample kits will include one OLED panel, a controller and an AC adapter:

The OLEDs are 142mm by 142mm, 4.1mm thick. The brightness is 4,000cd/m2, and the lifetime is said to be 30,000 at 1,000cd/m2. The power consumption is 14.1W (the voltage is 9.4V).

Lumiotec to start shipping OLED Lighting panels next month

Japan's Lumiotec plans to start shipping OLED Lighting panels next month. These will be sample kits that include one  145mm x 145mm OLED panel, a controller and an AC adapter. The kits will cost ¥80,000 each (about $880). Lumiotec plans to increase production capacity in July and reach about 40,000 panels annually.

Lumiotec prototype OLED panelsLumiotec prototype OLED panels

These kits are actually more expensive than the ones offered by Philips or OSRAM (although the OLED panel itself is larger). But at any case these are just 'samples', with real commercial panels expected at around 2013. 

Lumiotec shows new OLED panels, plans to start mass-production in January 2010

Lumiotec is showing new OLED lighting panels. Lumiotec has equipment for developing 300x300 mm OLED panels (although the ones on show are 142x142mm). The panels are 3.5mm thick with a 3800k-4000k color temperature.

Lumiotec prototype OLED panels

Lumiotec plans to begin mass-production in January 2010, which is great news. The company is in contact with the big 3 lighting companies - OSRAM, Philis and GE (all of them has independent OLED Lighting programs).

OLED lighting prototypes shown in Tokyo's Lighting exhibition

Several companies are exhibiting new OLED lighting panels at the Lighting Fair 2009, in Tokyo.

Japan's Research Institute for Organic Electronics (RIOE) showed an OLED panel with 5,000cd/m2 luminance and only 15W power consumption (that's 15lm/W, like a incandescent bulb). They also showed a transparent OLED window (70% transparent).

RIOE transparent OLED windowRIOE transparent OLED window

Lumiotec, the Japanese joint-venture, had 1.9mm thick OLED panels on show. They actually plan to start making samples of those devices by fall 2009. 

Lumiotec thin OLED panelLumiotec thin OLED panel

Panasonic actually displayed an even thinner panel - only 1mm. They think that OLED lighting will be ready within 2 years, but it will take much longer (10 years) for it to be used main lighting.

Panasonic OLED lighting panelPanasonic OLED lighting panel

Philips exhibited their Lumiblade OLED panels. They recently built a new plant in Aachen, Germany, to make those panels.  

Philips Lumiblade OLED panel prototypePhilips Lumiblade OLED panel prototype

Lumiotec gives some more info on their OLED lighting products

At FPDI, Lumiotec gave some more info on their OLED Lighting products. The panels are only 2.3mm thick, and the  has high color rendering properties and a broad spectrum with peaks in red (R), green (G) and blue (B) regions.

The company employed a technology called "multi-photon emission (MPE)," which uses several emission layers stacked vertically. The product on display had vertically stacked three emission layers with different emission wavelengths for RGB colors.

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Lumiotec shows new 'Fenalene' OLED lamp

Lumiotec (a new JV of several Japanese companies) has shown their new lamp prototype at CEATEC.

The "Fenalene" is a lamp made from 3 OLED panels. It reportedly has a luminance of 5,500cd/m2 and a life of 10,000 hours. 

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