Universal Display (UDC) logoUniversal Display Corporation today announced significant advances in the development of P(2)OLEDs printable, phosphorescent OLEDs as part of an ongoing joint development program with Seiko Epson Corporation. The demonstration of P(2)OLED materials that possess the high-efficiency of Universal Display's PHOLED phosphorescent technology, as well as ink-jet printing potential, is an important step toward the realization of cost-effective, large-area OLED displays. OLED displays are currently used in cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs, and are widely recognized as a strong candidate for use in the next generation of flat screen televisions.

After working together for less than two years, Universal Display is reporting key achievements in the development of a P(2)OLED system based on solution-processable, small-molecule PHOLED materials. These results include significant lifetime and efficiency advances for red and green color emitters.

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