OLED-T today announced a new patented host material for OLED displays that delivers significant performance benefits compared with existing materials. The host layer is a crucial layer in the make-up of an OLED display as it impacts its performance including efficiency and lifetime. The new OLED-T material, called E746, is targeted as a direct replacement and upgrade path for aluminium quinolate (Alq3), the host material most commonly used throughout the OLED industry.

OLED-T has developed E746 for OLED displays in the mobile market such as mobile phones and digital cameras where its power consumption and lifetime performance benefits are expected to deliver improved product performance.

In fluorescent red and fluorescent green customer OLED display devices, OLED-T’s E746 material outperforms Alq3 in terms of energy efficiency, colour co-ordinates, lifetimes and voltage drift. E746 enables OLED displays to be manufactured with a current efficiency increase of between 30% and 50%, a power efficiency improvement of as much as 45 to 80 per cent and a lifetime increase of 100 per cent for fluorescent red and 200 per cent for fluorescent green.

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