OLED company Novaled GmbH has developed a red top emission OLED that produces 10 lumens per watt at 500 candelas per square meter, with a projected lifetime of more than 100,000 hours.

According to Novaled, the OLED achieves a breakthrough by combining the highest power efficiency and longest lifetime for a top emission OLED, using transport layer doping technology. The part uses a red phosphorescent emitter from Covian Organic Semiconductors GmbH with molecular dopant materials from Novaled.

The company said the power efficiency for the very deep red color translates into a current efficiency of 14 candelas per amp and an operating voltage of 3.0 V. It increases available light up to 50 percent over other forms of lighting.

“The Novaled PIN OLED top emission performance opens the way to large OLED displays,” said Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, chief technology officer of Novaled, in a statement. “Novaled is actively working on green, blue, and white top emission emitter systems as well.”

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