Novaled has achieved outstanding results in lifetime for both, top and bottom emission PIN OLEDs. More than one million hours at an initial brightness of 1,000 cd/sqm have been reached.

Novaled achieved unsurpassed lifetime results for top and bottom emitting red fluorescent devices. A red bottom emitting Novaled PIN OLEDTM shows a luminance drop of only 4% after 6000 hours measurement at a starting brightness of 3,700 cd/sqm. The record top emitting red PIN OLED shows a luminance drop of even only 1% after 1,000 hours measurement at a starting brightness of 12,000 cd/sqm. Both OLEDs are down calculated to more than one million hours (corresponding to one century) at starting brightness of 1,000 cd/sqm.

Novaled has also reached significant achievements for blue fluorescent PIN OLEDs: 50,000 hours at 500 cd/sqm in bottom emission answering the request of RGB Active Matrix displays.

In addition, major lifetime improvements have been shown for green phosphorescent PIN OLEDs (100,000 hours at 500 cd/sqm for Ir(ppy)3 based top emission OLEDs). With this value Novaled has doubled its performance for Ir(ppy)3 based green OLED stacks during the last twelve months. ”We are confident to reach one million hours lifetime with more performing phosphorescent emitting material”, says Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, CTO of the company.

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