Ciba Develops Long-Lifetime Phosphorescent Material for Novaled’s OLED Technology


  • Red phosphorescent emitter functions optimally with Novaleds proprietary technology for highly power-efficient OLEDs

  • Delivers lifetime of 50,000 hours at initial brightness of 1,000 cd/sqm

  • Supports market trend toward high-performance, low-voltage OLED devices

Ciba has developed a deep red phosphorescent OLED emitter that functions optimally in combination with the Novaled PIN OLED™ technology, delivering a lifetime of 50,000 hours at an initial brightness of 1,000 cd/sqm. The new material supports the market trend toward high-performance, low-voltage OLED devices for display and lighting applications.

We want to provide the market with efficient phosphorescent materials, says Rolf Drewes, Global Head of Business Line Electronic Materials at Ciba. In this project, we are developing the full color range of emitters compatible with Novaleds proprietary OLED technology. Our deep red, the first to become commercially available, offers customers not only long-lifetime performance but also excellent thermal stability. Green and blue are now in progress.

Phosphorescent emitter materials together with low-voltage devices are mandatory for the future of the OLED industry, and Novaled is very pleased to see a key industry player developing such materials, adds Gildas Sorin, CEO of Novaled AG. This deep red phosphorescent material provides a long lifetime at a lowest operating voltage of 3.3 V as well as good power efficiency of 8.1 lm/W, making it suitable for displays as well as for completely new lighting applications. OLED technology even has potential to surpass the efficiency of energy-saving bulbs.

Made of thin organic material layers only a few nanometers thick, OLEDs are semiconductors that emit light in a diffuse way to form an area light source. In 2006, Ciba and Novaled entered an industrial collaboration to create organic dopant and transport materials for the Novaled PIN OLED™ technology, which enables highly power-efficient OLED performance.

Posted: Mar 05,2008 by Ron Mertens