LG's OLED sales continue to improve as demand for TV and smartphone panel increases

Omdia says that in 2020, LG Display's OLED TV sales surpassed LGD's LCD TV sales, for the first time. LGD's OLED TV sales were 53% of the company's total TV sales (up from 33% in 2019).

Omdia says that it expects LG's total OLED display sales (including TVs, mobiles and automotive displays) to reach 10 trillion Won in 2021 (around $9.15 billion USD).

LG's mobile OLED sales are also on the increase, and in the smartphone sector its OLED sales increased to 63% out of Lg's total smartphone display sales (up from 30% in 2019) as LGD starts to ramp up production for Apple iPhones. Yuanta Securities estimate that LG Display's mobile p-OLED display sales will hit $8.8 billion USD in 2021 and $10 billion 2022, up from $6.6 billion in 2019.

Posted: Jan 08,2021 by Ron Mertens