LG announced their 2016 OLED TV lineup only a few days ago, but already the first TV is ready to pre-order. The 65" flat 4K OLEDE6 TV now lists on Amazon.com for $6,999. The TV should ship by March although Amazon does not guarantee this.

LG OLED65E6P photo

It's great to see LG's new OLEDs already on offer so quickly. The E6 is a very high-end TV, although LG also announce an even higher-end model (the Signature G6). LG also announced lower-end modules, the flat B6 series and curved C6 series. It'll be interesting to see the price of all those new TVs.

LG still ships their 2015 OLEDs too, of course. The cheapest OLED TV is currently the 55EG9100, a curved 55" Full-HD TV that is shipping for $1,999. All of LG's other 2015 OLED models support 4K resolution. The curved 55" 4K 55EG9600 is now shipping for $2,999, while the 65" 65EG9600 is shipping for $4,999. LG's flat 4K OLEDs (the EF9500 series) are shipping for about the same prices.

The new OLED E6 is a series of flat-panel 4K smart OLED TVs that feature an ultra-slim on-glass design, a fixed soundbar, LG's webOS 3.0, Color Prime PRO technology and HDR.

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