Update: I just got word from Gibbys that the TV isn't shipping yet. In addition, they will not ship it to the US, only to Canada.

Canadian retailer Gibbys is now listing LG's 77EC9800 77" curved UHD (3840x2160) OLED TV, for $26,999CAD (that's about $24,600 USD). According to their web site, this huge TV, LG's flagship 2014 model, is now shipping.

LG already launched this TV in Korea last month, and it's great to see it on sale outside of Korea. Even though it's likely that Gibbys is simply importing the TV themselves and this is not an official launch in Canada. In any case it's actually cheaper than we thought - back in January LG said it will cost $29,999.

The 77EC9800, first unveiled at the IFA 2013 exhibition features LG's Color Refiner that results in superior color consistency and balance, High Dynamic Range (HDR), passive 3D FPR, LG's Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro that can upscale resolutions from SD to 4K and Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC). The TV also includes LG's newest Smart-TV platform.



You'd better check you facts...

The TV advertised at Gibbys for C$26999 (as per your hyperlink above) is a HD 1080p model - not 4K

Yes, Gibbys does list it as

Yes, Gibbys does list it as an HD model. But I believe (as previously stated by LG and other sources) that this TV in fact uses a 4K UHD panel.

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