Less than a month since LG launched their 55EC9300 55" curved FHD OLED TV for $3,499 - Adorama (through Amazon) are now offering it for only $2,999. It's great to see OLED prices dropping again - and hopefully this will continue and by 2015 we'll see OLEDs for less than $2,000.

The EC9300 is LG's new 55" Full-HD curved OLED TV (replacing the older 55EA9800 model). LG also offers a 65" 4K OLED in the US for $6,250 - which will start shipping next month.



Next price drops ?

They have 80% yeld, so there is no room for more significant price drops, especially they do not have any serious competition, and this won't change for 2-3 years ahead.

I think that there is still

I think that there is still room for price drops. These TVs are still being produced in a pilot line with limited capacity, and the upcoming M2 mass-production Gen-8 fab (due later in 2014) will lower production costs. In addition, new materials and processes and engineering improvement will continue. 

There is serious competition - 4K LED TVs are the current competition, not other OLEDs...

I fully agree. More efficient

I fully agree. More efficient manufacturing processes will be developed, price pressure on suppliers will be increased and prices will fall naturally due to economy of scale with increased output. These are exciting times! To be talking about OLED competing in the TV market is something really wonderful that so many users of this site have worked so hard to achieve. With each price reduction, we get closer and closer...

Smaller sizes is a way to drop prices further

A potential way to lower cost is producing OLED TVs of smaller sizes. I believe 40-42" OLED TV could easily have price below $1500-2000.

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