LG's 55" flat 4K OLED TVs (the 55EF9500) are finally shipping in the US - for $3,999, the same price as LG's curved 4K OLED, the 55EG9600. The 65" flat model is also shipping for $5,999.

LG EF9500 photo

The EF9500, available in either 55" (55EF9500) or 65" (65EF9500) models feature a flat 4K OLED panel, HDR, a new anti-glare filter, WebOS 2.0 and quad-core CPUs. LG offers similar curved models, the EG9600 TVs at the same prices.



monitor ffs

Id pay 1k for a horizontal quarter of that screen (which would be a 30" 2160x960 widescreen).

And i dont even need any bloat software or hardware. Instead just a single cable that goes straight to the panel... and the scalar to be good enough for real 200hz :)

Perfect gaming monitor right there.

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