In January 2015, LG announced their new OLED TVs for 2015. The company is mostly pushing curved TVs, but many people actually prefer the flat variants. But it seems that the company's 2015 4K flat OLED TVs are finally coming to the US, following their recent launch in Korea.

LG EF9500 flat OLED TV photo

According to BestBuy, both the 55" 55EF9500 and 65" 65EF9500 are on their way to the US - and will be on sale soon. Hopefully LG will price them similarly to the curved variants - or even cheaper as they are easier to produce. Only yesterday LG lowered the price of their curved OLEDs: the 65" curved OLED TV is now offered for $5,999 and the 55" is priced now at $3,999.